Books by Elise

Blood of Isis: Family Bonds (2013)


Summary: It was meant to be a relaxing, quiet week at an old country inn. Gavin Stowe hated the very idea of his best friend, Jaxson’s, dream vacation. The only thing that interested him was Isis…

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Mama’s Luck (2011)

Summary: Justine Banner wanted nothing more than to escape Michigan and the life she always thought she would lead. She wanted to forget that she would probably inherit her mother’s bad brand of luck with the men. She learns that no matter how far she goes or how much time passes, what you’re running from eventually catches up and forces you to face it.

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So Far (2011)

Summary: Poetry and brief reflections on life, love, and moments. People, events, and emotions mark moments that we will remember for years to come, even when we wish we could forget. But these moments shape us into the people we are now and the people we will eventually become. These are some of my moments.

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My Crimson Love (2011)

Summary: She escaped His hellish realm and fled to the mortal world. Her happiness with her mortal lover is short-lived when she is found and must flee once more, this time with her new family.

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