Circle Skirt & an Upcycle

Occasionally, I like to try my hand at sewing. I’ll find a pattern, or an idea, and play it out in my head. My girls will be so adorable! And then I get to the end results and what on earth did I just make and then force them to try on? I scaled back on my ambition and adjusted it to my sewing skill accordingly -beginner- after creating a glorious abomination for my 1 year old.

Behold: the Glorious Abomination.

Said glorious abomination turned out to be a bit on the small side for my Little Moose, so I had to make some last minute alterations. Like a zipper, which I’ve only done a time or two before. It was an interesting disaster and a learning experience. What I did like about the dress, was the circle skirt. I have memories of dressing up for church and spinning around as fast as I could, just to see the skirt of my dress swirl about me in what I imagined to be an elegant fashion. I wanted to do something with a circle skirt, even if it meant dealing with hemming the blasted thing.

While sorting laundry, I found an old Monster High shirt that my middle daughter had grown out of. It was to large for the little one but perfect for my niece. It would also be perfect with the Monster High fabric I had purchased several years prior and then let sit -I tend to do that. I used the What the Craft circle skirt template, measured my niece’s waist and went to town.  For the hemming issue, I used a plum colored bias tape, which turned out a lot nicer than my prior attempt.

And it swirls when the Niece spins in it, yay!

I would definitely measure the inside of the shirt next time, or try stretching the fabric a bit more for a better fit as there was more shirt than skirt. It worked out fairly well and she has a new Monster High dress to dance and spin in.


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